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The Weird World of Synthol Bodybuilders

These pictures are not photoshopped. Instead of working out and taking steroids like everyone else, these guys decided to skip that and inject their bodies with Synthol instead. What is Synthol? It’s a mixture of oils injected into muscles to increase the size or change the shape. It helps to to mimic the appearance of developed muscle where it may otherwise be disproportionate or lacking. Also it’s incredibly dangerous so don’t try this at home!

Interesting Methods Developed by Parents to Deal with Their Little Children

In our gallery following, you can find interesting methods that parents found to cope with their little kids.

29 Interesting Photos to Say " I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy”

We have gathered some photos showing (though being partly beautiful), mostly bad situations that you would never wish them to happen to you.

The World’s Biggest Farmers…

The results of the biggest farmers' competition which aims at finding the farmers who grow the world's largest vegetable fruits are quite surprising… Follow the photos in our gallery to see the results.

What If Giant Cats Lived Among Us?

Have you ever imagined what would the world look like if it was inhabited by kittens the size of a large building? Indonesian artist F. Muafidin has done just that and the result is spectacular.

Babies With Grown-Up Teeth Look Terrifying

If you need a chuckle today (or a nightmare tonight), here’s a photo project you can check out. Scroll down to see why it’s a good thing that babies are born without teeth…

Women Who Don’t Understand Eyebrows

Who would have thought that eyebrows are so complicated? These poor women did their best trying to figure them out, but failed miserably…

This Guy Won’t Stop Photoshopping Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Photos…

Kirby might not have the 102+ million Instagram followers that Kendall has, but he’s still built up an impressive fan base by Photoshopping himself into various pictures of the fashion model and TV personality. Check out some of our favorites below to see why he’s our favorite unofficial member of the Jenner family.

When Modern Love Meets Classic Comic Books…

Peter Nidzgorski is the artist provocateur behind the site This Isn’t Happiness. Under the name Peteski, he blogs about art, photography, design, and disappointment.

Cat Plants You Probably Shouldn’t Water

When planting your cats, make sure to space them at least 6 inches apart so they have room to grow.

Ninja Cats

The ancient Japanese martial art of ninjutsu may now lie completely forgotten by humans, but modern cats still carry the torch of the ninja, as their ability to hide in unexpected places and scratch people is unparalleled.

Simply Brilliant Sidewalk Signs

When it comes to sidewalk signs, some bar and cafe owners get really creative and come up with brilliant ideas. Scroll down to see them all!

Latest Etsy Trend: Crocheted Cat Butt Coasters

The next time you wake up and smell the coffee you can also look down and see a cat behind to rest your mug on. Isn’t it an awesome idea? It is. That’s why these crafty people from Etsy have spent countless hours making the masterpieces featured below.

Pets Celebrating Their Birthdays

Looking for some fun ways to celebrate your cat’s or dog’s birthday? Scroll down for inspiration!

20 Times Libraries Surprised Everyone With a Great Sense of Humor

Who said libraries are boring and librarians don’t have a good sense of humor? Scroll down to see proof that both of these statements are false.

There’s an Online Community That Makes Fun of People Trying To Sell Mirrors

/r/MirrorsForSale is so far our favorite online discovery of 2019. Who would have thought that looking at people who’re trying to sell mirrors is so much fun?

Animals Silently Judging Your Poor Life Choices

You can almost hear them saying “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.”

Artist Transforms Famous Paintings Into Selfies

Dito Von Tease has turned classical paintings into selfies, so they would fit into the digital ecosystem of social networks. He calls this series “Classicool”.

Celebrities And Their Animal Doppelgängers

This actually a serious security issue: each one of these animals could unlock their iPhone Face ID…

Meet Pompous Albert: The Angriest Cat on Instagram

Cats from the Selkirk Rex breed are known to be friendly, playful and even cuddly, but you really couldn’t tell by looking at Pompous Albert. His constantly frowned face makes him look like the angriest, most unfriendly cat in the world, but it’s also the source of his online fame.

If You Take a Selfie Through a Toilet Roll Tube, You’ll Look Like The Moon

Welcome to the internet, the only place you’ll see people taking selfies trough toilet paper roll tube and pretending they’re the Moon.

Hilariously Heartbreaking Photos of Dogs At The Vet

A gallery of drama queen dogs who just couldn’t calmly handle their health check-ups. Some of the primadonnas in these funny pictures decided to hide in trash bins in avoidance of the dreaded Vet, others pretended they’re not even there, while some threw a temper tantrum the scale of WW III.

Ridiculous Matching Outfits From 1970s Fashion Ads

These tacky matching outfits would get ridiculed to shreds in the street today. There are only so many belted tank tops and leopard onesies a person can tolerate, and the 1970s pushed the boundaries of this limit, for sure.

Brilliant Cross Stitches

When you think of cross stitch, you probably think of Bible quotes hanging off the walls at your grandma’s house. There’s nothing wrong with that, but for those of you who want a little more from your embroidery, check out these hilariously brilliant examples.

Brilliant Hiding Spots Cats Have Found While Avoiding The Vet

A gallery of drama queen cats who just couldn’t calmly handle their health check-ups. Some of the primadonnas in these funny pictures decided to hide in trash bins in avoidance of the dreaded Vet, others pretended they’re not even there, while some threw a temper tantrum the scale of WW III.

20 Terrible Pictures Taken by Real Estate Agents

The real estate agents behind these funny ads collected by this website didn’t even care to fix the places up before snapping the hilarious pictures. The caring levels were so low that there’s a photo with a live bat in it, a huge pig laying around in the living room and toilet on the stairs.

Dogs Are Terrible at Hide-And-Seek

Sometimes dogs need to hide, especially when they’ve chewed on something their owner values. Unlike Ninja Cats, however, they often fail at playing hide-and-seek, which provides their owners with cute and hilarious photos.

Dumb Viral Trend: Stacking Cheerios On Babies

Just few days ago we featured #CheeseChallenge, but did you know that parents all around Instagram are coming together to stack cereal on their babies and calling it #CheerioChallenge? We truly live in a glorious time.

Low Budget Gourmet Meals

Save money on meals without sacrificing the restaurant experience with these budget-friendly recipes!

“Women Are Teachable” Booklet From 1940s

In this 1940s guide for how male bosses should treat female employees, men were amusingly told that “women are teachable”. The booklet shows just how much the work place has changed since World War II era.

Meet Fugglers: Stuffed Toys With Human Teeth

Mrs McGettrick is a UK based artist that spends her days creating stuffed toys with artificial human teeth. Hobby that started as a joke in 2010, is now a successful full-time business venture with her own store on Amazon. Why do people buy these monstrous creatures? We have no idea…

People Sharing The Funniest Hotel Fails From Their Trips

Just like Tinder dates don’t always look like they do in their profiles pictures, it’s also not uncommon for hotels to look considerably different than they do in the brochures. Scroll down to laugh at these hotel disasters (or cry if you’re staying in one of them) and comment on your favorites.

40 Really Weird Mugshots You Won’t Be Able To Unsee

It would be very interesting to hear a story behind these pictures. Almost makes you want to become a cop…

Cats Standing Up

Just another proof that cats are rapidly evolving and soon will take over the world. I, for one, welcome our new overlords!

Funny Last-Minute April Fools’ Prank Ideas

if you are a fan of good April fools pranks, take a look at our compilation below. We definitely don’t advocate hurting anyone or destroying or damaging anyone’s property, but if you want to prank someone: here are 20 good ways to do it!

The Funniest Sports Fan Signs

We have previously featured Hilariously Polite Protest Signs, Funniest LGBTQ Support Signs, and Brilliant Anti-Brexit Signs. Now it’s time to take a look at some of the funniest sports fan signs.

Artist Creates Life-Like Crocheted Figures of Her Neighbors

Finnish artist Liisa Hietanen crochets one-to-one imitations of her friends and fellow neighbors, accurately representing the subjects from their favorite outfits down to their pets. The series “Villagers” is a way for the artist to more deeply engage with those she often passes but might not interact with in her hometown.

This Is How Men Should Look… According to Fashion Designers

Featured below are some of the most bizarre and insane men’s outfits from various fashion designers. Only one questions comes to mind: “What the hell were they thinking?!”

Poor Dogs Who Tried To Eat a Bee

We promise that you will feel bad for laughing at this. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see for yourself!

Teeth Ball: The Funniest Dog Toy Ever

These things are only a couple of dollars each on Amazon, but will provide you with countless hours of entertainment, watching your dog who doesn’t even realize how funny he looks while playing with it.

Hilarious Expressions of Dogs Trying To Catch Treats In Mid-Air

German photographer Christian Vieler takes hilarious photos of dogs trying to catch food, capturing their facial expressions: such emotions as excitement, confusion, or surprise. The shots bring out the unique personalities of each dog, as we can clearly read the emotions etched over their wonderfully dopey faces. Featured below are some of the best examples, but full collection is available in a book you can get on Amazon.

German Professor Who’s a Star Wars Fan Has Just Repainted an Observatory Into R2-D2

In a galaxy far far away (Germany) Hubert Zitt, professor at the Zweibrücken University of Applied Sciences, along with a small team, transformed the Zweibrück Observatory of the Natural Science Association into a giant R2-D2 and it’s really out of this world.

Cats With Cartoon Eyes And Mouths

This is the greatest thing you have seen all day, isn’t it? Thanks Al Gore for inventing the internet! God bless you!

Meet Marla: Cat That Looks Like Steve Buscemi

We have previously featured Loki and Albert, but now here’s Marla Hooch: a rescue cat that has been compared to Steve Buscemi due to her unusual looks. Her owners have even set up an Instagram account where they claim that Marla could unlock Steve’s iPhone…

Delivery Guys Who Left Package “Hidden” Under The Doormat

It looks like UPS and FedEx guys just don’t care if your package gets stolen or not. Well, at least you can brighten their day with a funny doormat, that’s pretty much all you can do…

Cat Thieves Caught In The Act

Just like humans, some cats choose to live according to law, others choose to live the life of crime…

Belgian Guy Documents Ugly Houses He Sees, And They’re Hilariously Bad

Back in 2012, blogger Hannes Coudenys decided to begin documenting the peculiarities of Belgian architecture on an Instagram account called “Ugly Belgian Houses“, and it has drawn the attention of architecture enthusiasts from all over the world. But really, how hideously bizarre can a house design really be? Scroll down to check out the list of outrageous examples below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Do You Follow This Dog On Instagram? You Should.

Meet Squid The Griff: the Instagram famous dog that has a beautiful sense of fashion and style. Scroll down to find out why you should follow him.

Ridiculous Pacifiers Are Getting Popular On Instagram

Parents all over Instagram are going crazy sharing all kinds of funny pacifiers shoved in their kid’s mouth. Since they are only few dollars on Amazon, it’s a cheap way to get easy laughs.

Do You Suffer From Pareidolia? Do You See Houses Or Faces?

Pareidolia is the tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer, such as seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns. Do you suffer from it? Scroll down to find out!

Wind Tunnel Portraits

We had Scotch Tape Portraits and Rubber Band Portraits, but this is a series of portraits by Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern, showing people’s faces being brutalized by high winds. Scroll down and enjoy!

World’s Greatest Gallery of Hamster Butts

We have previously featured Bumblebee Butts, Tree Butts, and Mushroom Butts. Naturally, now it’s time to take a look at hamster butts.

Dogs Wrapped In Blankets Like Adorable Burritos

Is this the greatest gallery ever published on the internet? Probably… At least close second to Cat Burritos (also known as Purritos).

Bird Mouths Are Terrifying

We’ve previously featured Horrifying Gallery of Sheep at Night, but did you know that bird mouths are even scarier? Warning: scroll down only if you’re ready to be mentally scarred for life!

This Summer’s Hottest Men’s Fashion Trend: Crochet Shorts!

Are you man enough to fill these shorts? Are you ready to jump on this new men’s fashion trend? LordvonSchmitt Etsy Store makes and sells these crimes against fashion from recycled materials. Scroll down and enjoy!

Just In Time For Summer: Pink Coffin Pool Float With Lid

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, the beach is awesome, but what if it had more death?” If yes, then oh boy, we have a treat for you. This pink coffin pool float (complete with lid) was created by Canadian designers Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton who launched a Pom Pom Floats brand to make their dream come true. It perfectly encapsulates my two biggest fears of being buried alive and drowning. So much fun, right?

Cats In Abercrombie Bags

The people of the online cat community have begun sharing photos of their cat standing behind or inside an empty Abercrombie bag. The result will leave you in stitches! We’ll say no more, just check out the photos below!

Meet Gringo: The Mustached Cat

Instagram is home to many animals with unique features, but this cat is really something. Meet Gringo: a British Shorthair who has such a sophisticated mustache, you can almost hear its accent. All it needs now is a top hat, a pair of round eyeglasses, and a tobacco pipe and it should get its own Victorian-era detective show.

Overly Dramatic Cats

Cats are such drama queens! Each and every one of them deserves an Oscar.

What Happens When People Try To Save Money On a Tattoo

They wanted an amazing tattoo for a bargain price. This is what they got. Now they can start saving money for a tattoo removal operation…

The Funniest Emo Kid Photos Ever

Remember those glorious days 10-15 years ago when internet was dominated by MySpace and emo kids? It was an amazing time…

1970s: The Most Romantic Period for Men’s Hairstyles

Men’s hair in the 1970s was a joy to behold. Hairstyling and grooming was no longer simply for women – hair products were now marketed to men, and many happily used them. Mustaches and mutton chops were in, even fake facial hair was worn and accepted. It was a hairy decade!

Hamsters Caught Stuffing Their Big, Fat Faces

After looking at World’s Greatest Collection of Hamster Butts, why not check out a gallery dedicated to their adorable gluttony?

Internet Sensation Grumpy Cat Has Passed Away

Some days are grumpier than others. In a statement on Twitter, her owners revealed that she had a urinary tract infection. Despite efforts to save her, she encountered complications and passed away at the age of seven. Grumpy cat became an internet sensation in back in 2012, had millions of followers on social networks, and spawned tons of merchandise. This gallery is a tribute to remember Grumpy Cat in her prime.

Frisbee Lips

These poor dogs have no idea how funny they look with their frisbees…

Muscle Leggings Is The New Summer Fashion Trend Nobody Asked For

As if Crocheted Men’s Shorts, Crocs Bags, and Denim Speedos weren’t enough, muscle leggings is the weird new look to annoy vegans and basically everyone with a good taste. You can get these on Amazon, but we strongly suggest that you don’t.

Hilarious Bathroom Mirror Design Fails

We’ve previously featured People Trying To Sell Mirrors, but these are so horribly designed and inappropriately placed that no one would buy them no matter how hard you’d try to sell.

World’s Greatest Gallery of Corgi Butts

We’ve previously featured Hamster Butts, Bumblebee Butts, and even Mushroom Butts. Obviously, corgi butt gallery was long overdue…

Fish Sandals: This Summer’s Fashion Sensation

What to do when you already have a Crocs Handbag and Muscle Leggings, but still feel that something is missing? Of course, you get yourself a pair of fish sandals which are getting popular among Instagram users. We really need to start putting people in jail for crimes against fashion…

Poor Cats Who Lost Battles With Bees

We’ve previously featured Dogs Who Tried To Eat a Bee gallery, but now it’s time to round up brave cats who picked a fight they can’t win… And just a reminder: if you laugh at these photos, you are a bad person.

Handerpants: Underpants For Your Hands

People around the world really love to wear stupid things. We’ve previously featured Fish Sandals, Crocs Handbags, and Muscle Leggings. Obviously, it was just a matter of time until someone decided to create underpants for hands and call them Handerpants. You can get this weird thing on Amazon and join thousands of people on Instagram who are coming together under #handerpants hashtag.

This Puppy Always Sleeps On His Back, And It’s Ridiculously Cute

Everyone loves puppies, they are generally adorable. Shih Tzu puppy, Paningning, is one of the latest cute internet sensations, not for teddy bear face, but for her hilarious sleeping positions. Even though many of her photos feature the dog sleeping, her owner said Paningning is very playful and enjoys romping around with her siblings. Scroll down to see a selection of funniest/cutest pics.

Dogs That Managed To Fall Asleep In Hilariously Awkward Positions

This list celebrates the weird and wonderful ways that dogs choose to snooze. From squoosh-face siestas to nonchalant naps, these pups just don’t give a damn!

Walmart Fashion: The Craziest Outfits Spotted at Walmart

There are a lot of weird people and awkward fashion choices in this world, but somehow Walmart malls seem to attract lunatics more than other places. Scroll down to see Walmart visitors in borderline insane outfits, but consider yourself warned that you may need some eyebleach afterwards!

Cowboy Boot Sandals Are Here Just In Time For Summer

This head-turning fashion statement combines two polar opposite shoes into one. Also know as “the mullet of the shoe world”.

Frog Eyes Sleep Mask: Great Way To Look Stupid While Sleeping

This thing makes it look like you have giant frog eyes while you sleep or nap, and allows you to open or close each individual eye depending on how creepy you’d like to be while you sleep. The Frog Eyes Sleep Mask can be used to actually block out light while you sleep, or just for goofing off to take hilarious pictures with.

We Regret To Inform You That Lace Men’s Shorts Are Here For The Summer

Sometimes, it seems like the entire purpose of the Internet is for companies to push ludicrous products on an unsuspecting public in the name of “fashion”, and then for sites like ours to make fun of those products. That’s exactly how we got Sandal Socks, Crocs Bags, and Muscle Leggings. Well, here we go again. We’re sorry to tell you that this item of men’s fashion now exists. Where to buy this atrocity? You’ll have to go to Hologram City to do that, but we strongly suggest that you don’t.

Sandal Socks: This Summer’s Fashion Sensation

Sandal Socks make you look like you’re wearing socks with sandals, which is pretty much the biggest fashion no-no there is. Sure there’s really no reason to make people think you’re wearing sandals when you’re not, but it’s just one more way you get to be the weirdest person in the room.

Ridiculously Weird Profile Pictures From Russian Dating Sites

Lonely people all over the world have been known to go extreme lengths to find true love, but these awkward funny Russian dating site profile pictures show just how far some of these people will really go.

Melting Cats: Direct Result of Global Warming

Average cat usually starts melting at 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). Due to global warming cats around the world are melting at an alarming rate. Do your part in fighting climate change! Do it for the kittens!

Street Artist Paints Fake Shadows To Confuse People

Damon Belanger, a graphic artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area was commissioned to install 20 fake shadows in the downtown of Redwood City in order to bring more creativity to the area. The result is brilliant.

Traditional Russian Wedding Pictures

We’ve previously published Russian Dating Profile Pics, Creepy Russian Playgrounds, and Weird Russian Mafia Gravestones… Turns out that even when it comes to wedding photos, nobody does it as awkward as Russians.

How To Pass Time On The Train

Artist and book author October Jones draws these funny notes and takes photos while holding them in front of the unsuspecting fellow commuters. A great way to pass time during long train rides.

Awkward Internet Trend: Dogs With Makeup Eyebrows

As you can see from the pictures below, some dog owners have way too much free time on their hands…

Hilariously Cute Dog Onesies That Protect From Shedding And Reduce Anxiety

Did you know that there’s a Dog Onesie that helps reduce dog’s anxiety while protecting your house from shedding, and also making your dog look hilariously cute? Scroll down to see for yourself!

Bridal Bouquets Replaced With Cats

Before people start raging in comments: please note that these pictures are photoshopped. No cats were harmed in the making of this gallery and we certainly don’t encourage anyone to throw a cat ever, let alone on their wedding day.

Indoor Cat Reactions To Going Outside For The First Time

Think about it, it’s as if the house is the Cat’s Earth and it leaving it to go outside is like a human exploring the universe. We know the universe goes on forever… Maybe the cat thought the same thing when it saw the horizon. TL;DR: These cats actualized Infinity.

What Art Icons Would Look Like In Today’s Society

The influencers of previous times became famous for their talents and iconic works, as well as the way they presented themselves. Perhaps we could go back to those days? In the meantime, let us present those old legends as if they were the “heroes” of today. You gotta admit, they do look cool!

Birds With Human Arms

Internet is an endless source of funny photoshopping projects that doesn’t make any sense but are fun to look at. This time we’re taking a look at the best entries from r/BirdsWithArms subreddit.

Cats In Glass Bowls

Sure, cats on glass tables are hilarious, but cats in glass bowls are even funnier! Scroll down to see for yourself!

Valais Blacknose Sheep Always Look Like They’re Posing For a Heavy Metal Album Cover

If you think you’re the ultimate metalhead, you haven’t met these hardcore sheep. They’re called Valais Blacknose Sheep and they always look like posing for a metal album cover.

Awkwardly Posing Models

Some people just try too hard… and end up looking ridiculous. Beauty is pain, but this is torture.

Have You Noticed How Hilarious Dog Tongues Are?

Just like creating a tongue sticking out of a smiley face makes it a bit wackier, dogs sticking their tongues out is just that much more hilarious and more adorable. Scroll down to see for yourself!

Artist Playfully Merges Cartoon Characters With Real World

Italian artist Pietro Cataudella takes his sketchbook everywhere he goes, but his drawings don’t just depict of the places he visits: they become part of the landscape.

Bird Harness Lets You Take Your Pet Chicken Or Duck For a Walk

It seems that bird products are getting popular. Just few days ago we featured Chickens Wearing Tutus, but today we found out that there’s a Chicken/Duck Harness available on Amazon, and it’s actually quite popular on Instagram, as you can see from the pictures below. What’s happening? Are cats being replaced by ducks and chickens as internet’s favorite pets?

Chickens In Tutus: This Summer’s Hot Fashion Trend

Photos of chickens in tutus have been paraded across the internet and we all agree it is our new favorite thing. Scroll down to see the funniest examples and keep an eye on #chickentutu tag on Instagram for future uploads.

Dogs vs. Wind

Wind is a mighty beast that’s stronger than even the Pope himself. These poor dogs stand no chance against such a powerful enemy.

Latest Fashion Trend: Wearing Cats As Hats

People all over social networks are posting their selfies while wearing cat as a hat. If you have a cat and are starving for attention, you should join them too. Featured below are some of the best examples of cat hat craze.

Awkwardly Sitting Cats

Who would have thought that sitting is so complicated? Some cats never master this craft…

20 Times People Traveled To Japan And Realized They’re Too Tall For It

Japan is an amazing country that’s definitely worth a visit, but it might be challenging if you’re over 6 feet tall…

Cats Sleeping On Their Backs Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Probably most of us will agree that nowadays cats are taking over the Internet. Let’s admit that it’s hard to resist how adorably cute and at the same time, funny they are. We’ve previously featured Awkwardly Sitting Cats, Melting Cats, and Sneezing Cats, but now it’s time for cats sleeping on their backs.

Mexican Urban Teen Haircuts

Featured below are photos of Mexican urban teens by photographer Stefan Ruiz. Their weird hairstyles and distinct outfits are a part of Cholombianos subculture which they represent. This subculture centers around cumbia music which became extremely popular in 1960s and found a strong foothold in Mexico, specifically in Monterrey.

Have an Old Vinyl Album Cover? Make a Sleeveface!

Sleeveface is a participatory photo meme that involves placing a record sleeve in front of one’s face (or some other body part) and taking a profile picture, which reveals a hybrid of the subject and famous person depicted on the vinyl cover. Featured below are some of the best examples, but you can also take a look at #sleeveface hashtag on Instagram or get a Sleeveface book on Amazon.

Cats That Don’t Really Want To Cuddle Right Now

Cats are so angry all the time because they are God’s perfect killing machines, but they only weigh 8 lbs and we keep picking them up and kissing them.

Photographer Adds Smiles On Professional Baby Photos And It’s… Terrifying

Amy Haehl, a professional photographer specializes in gorgeous photos of weddings, maternity and newborns. Like many people recently, Amy discovered FaceApp and decided to have a little fun with it. However, instead of using it on her own selfie she decided to try the smile filter on some of her baby portraits – with the parents’ permission of course… so she created a gallery “If Babies Had Teeth” and the images range from absolutely hilarious to downright creepy.

Awkward Instagram Beauty Trend: Furry Nails

We really love borderline insane beauty trends on this site. It’s really entertaining to see what crazy stuff people do for online attention. We’ve previously featured McDonald’s Eyebrows, Nostril Hair Extensions, and Unibrow Movement. Obviously furry nails is the next logical step.

Iconic Album Covers Recreated With Kittens

Everything is better with kittens. Even legendary music album covers!

People Riding Invisible Bicycles

As you’ve probably noticed, we are big fans of stupid, pointless photoshopping. We’ve previously featured Trump With an Extremely Long Tie, Father Of The Year, and Hanging Out With Celebrities. Obviously, people riding invisible bicycles was going to happen sooner or later…

Dogs Caught Mid-Sneeze

It is safe to say that dogs are usually very photogenic but these poor creatures, all caught mid-sneeze, prove that even dogs can look silly and lose their composure, just like us.

Sheepshead Fishes’ Human-Like Teeth Look Funny And Terrifying At The Same Time

Unlike sharks in this gallery, the pictures below are not photoshopped. Sheepshead fish (Archosargus probatocephalus) is very much real and those pearly whites are all natural. Native to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the United States, the sheepshead is a special fish who’s taken the internet by storm because of its’ unusual toothy grin.

Top 20 Absolute Worst Things In The World

Warning: the following post is not for the faint-hearted! Scroll down only if you are 100% sure that you can handle it!

So Chicken Diapers Are Becoming Popular…

Did you know that you can actually buy chicken diapers on Amazon and on Etsy? Various companies and individuals are selling and designing them for the rapidly growing community of pet chicken owners.

Artist Imagines a World Where Humans Live Among Giant Cats

Andrey Scherbak is creative director of the Moscow advertising agency and in his spare time he loves to photoshop huge cats in his photos. Cats are waiting for Andrey everywhere: they climb out of numerous arches, jump and play in the background, do sports, lay and stand next to him, look out from under the stairs and from under the corners, and even go grocery shopping with him.

Walmart Fashion: The Craziest Outfits Spotted at Walmart

There are a lot of weird people and awkward fashion choices in this world, but somehow Walmart malls seem to attract lunatics more than other places. Scroll down to see Walmart visitors in borderline insane outfits, but consider yourself warned that you may need some eyebleach afterwards!

Guilty Dogs That Are Very Sorry For What They Just Did

Unlike cats, dogs actually feel shame, and it can be seen in their priceless facial expressions. Scroll down to see adorable dogs who have been caught red-handed during their “crimes”.

The Greatest Mullets of All Time

Scroll down to enjoy a pictorial journey of the haircut that should never come back in style: the notorious mullet.

Parents Post That Horrible Moment Their Kids Go Back To School

While kids are not always thrilled to go back to school, for some reason parents do not always share that feeling. One might say that they are even happy about it…

Neckties For Cats? That’s Totally a Thing.

Apparently you can find these gems all over Amazon and Etsy. Perfect for a cat that attends business meetings or is planning to start his own company.

Russian Food Art: This Is How Russians Decorate Their Food

Russia is a weird place. Their playgrounds are creepy, weddings bizarre, and dating site profile pictures are a special kind of crazy. So there’s no surprise that Russians also decorate their meals in extremely unusual and original ways.

Cats That Look Like Male Models

Not only they look like these handsome male models, they look BETTER than them!

Some Birds Are Total Jerks

If you ever thought that all birds are sweet, innocent, and fluffy, well… we have bad news for you: some of them are total jerks. Scroll down to the see the hidden dark side that dwells within their hearts.

When Cats Take Over Dog Beds…

The facial expressions of these poor dogs are priceless.

Cats That Look Like Hitler

Some cats just want to do the usual cat things like playing, sleeping, or catching birds. These cats, however, want to invade Poland. We call them Kitlers.

Cats With Double Chins

Some cats are photogenic, but others… well, not so much… but you can’t deny that you’d love to tickle these soft, furry double chins.

What Parenting Really Looks Like

So you’re thinking about having a kid and finally becoming a parent? Well, maybe you should reconsider…

Pets Don’t Give a Crap About Your Private Space

So you’d like to have a cat or a dog? Well, then I hope you are ready to wave goodbye to your private space.

Cat Paw Chair Socks: The Funniest Way To Protect Your Floors

Once you become a cat person, it slowly takes over your life, with one thing after another eventually becoming cat themed. Each purchase you make becomes about your cat, and all of your friends on Facebook tag you in cat posts.

Capybaras Are Chill With Everyone

Why do other animals like capybaras so much? The photo evidence of capybara friendliness is more than convincing. Every animal seems to like hanging out with this friendly creature. Even crocodiles! The answer? We don’t know… If you do, let us know in the comments!

The Actual Length of Owl Legs Will Never Stop Being Funny

We love owls on this site. We’ve previously featured Wet Owls and Disappointed Owls. But have you ever noticed how hilariously long legs owls have?

Dogs Wearing Tights

Internet is a strange place full of weird people doing awkward things. We already featured a gallery of Cats Wearing Tights. Turns out dog owners are not any different and they too are doing this for internet fame points.

Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Replaced With Cats

We at this site are very passionate about two things: cats and weird photoshopping. We’ve previously featured Huge Cats Among Us, Brides vs. Cats, and Nicolas Cage Cats. Naturally, this gallery was the next logical step.

Dogs That Managed To Fall Asleep In Hilariously Awkward Positions

This list celebrates the weird and wonderful ways that dogs choose to snooze. From squoosh-face siestas to nonchalant naps, these pups just don’t give a damn!

BF Sees How Far He Can Take Parading Engagement Ring In Front Of His GF Without Her Noticing

This is one of those stories they’ll be telling their grandkids over and over again. When Edi Okoro decided that his girlfriend Cally Read was the one, he bought a ring and started looking for the right moment to pop the big question. So he waited. And waited. And waited… Eventually, Edi wanted to have a little fun with it. He decided to see how far he can go parading the engagement ring right in front of Cally without her noticing it (spoiler: pretty far). He even documented the daring challenge in photos

These Socks Make It Look Like You Have Actual Chicken Legs

In a world were Rubber Chicken Handbag exists it only makes sense that these chicken leg socks exist as well. These obscure socks make it look like you actually have chicken legs, not just skinny legs, but actual chicken legs. As you can see from the gallery below, for some strange reason they’re getting popular and many people enjoy wearing them.

Autumn / Winter 2019 Chicken Fashion

Keep your chicken warm and stylish with these latest trends from Etsy chicken fashion designers!

18 Photos That Will Confuse you and Spoil Your Perception

Super timing and extraordinary angles do not always reflect reality.

They do not teach you such interesting facts anywhere, 20 interesting facts that will open up your horizon

Who does not want to learn something new? Following you will have 20 interesting facts that will open up your horizon!

World's most famous twins

We have compiled 12 different facts for you about our world's most famous conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel. By clicking on the next button in the gallery you can learn interesting information about the life and bodies of siamese or conjoined twins under the pictures.

13 People Who Enjoyed Being Talked Behind When they Left the Hotel

28 Photos to Let You Think Twice Before Giving Your Phone to People for Taking a Photo

We all experienced this: "Excuse me, would you take a photo of us?" Then you open the gallery, and you see that the photos are crooked, blurry or not even yours. Here are the other unfortunate ones living the same experience.

15 Extraordinary Examples to Take a Great Vacation Photo

You need to pay attention to some elements to take nice pictures. Click the Next button for some great tips

An Artist Mother Reflecting Mothers' Everyday Life with Realistic Drawings

Being a mother is one of the hardest things in life. In our gallery, you will find some realistic illustrations showing how a mother passes her day.

32 Unfortunate People Suffering from the Wrath of the Sun and Having the Worst Vacation of Their Life

You all know the sunburns which result from the idea of 'Nothing's gonna happen to me. We do not use sun protection, and then our holiday turns into a disaster! In our gallery below, you will see some examples of this unfortunate situation. Click Next.

Innocent and Funny Children Who Think that They are Hiding

One of the most innocent things in the world is being a child. In our gallery, we compiled photographs of some lovely kids trying to hide themselves. By clicking the next button in the gallery, you can see the funny pictures of these "masterfully" hidden innocent little thing :)

20 Photos That Can Break The World REcord In Oddity

Although we are accustomed to some of the strange photos, we cannot make sense of the photos we have chosen for you. By clicking on the images in our gallery you can see the photos that can compete with their counterparts.

10 Interesting photos showing the burning power of high temperatures

Most of us love summer and hot weather, but extreme temperatures can also have bad results. Click Next.

23 Realistic Drawings That Brutally Reflect Our Social Media Addiction

Today we share the very cruel and realistic drawings about one of the most dangerous addictions of today, "social media addiction."

30 photos just taken at the right moment

It is clear that one needs some chance to be a good photographer, isn’t it? S/he needs to see the right frame and take the photo just in time. Here are some interesting and funny photos taken just at the right moment!

Daily Picdump (44 pics)

Each day the picture editor of the İnsteresting Kingdom brings you a selection of photo highlights. Have fun...

Daily Picdump (37 pics)

Each day the picture editor of the İnsteresting Kingdom brings you a selection of photo highlights. Have fun...

Woman Turns 107, Says Her Secret To Longevity Is Never Getting Married

A woman who celebrated her 107th birthday on Wednesday shared her secret to living a long life: stay single.

Toddler And Footballer Without Forearm Bond In Heartwarming Photo

Joseph Tidd loves the Orlando Pride soccer team. Joseph is seen meeting player Carson Pickett. The two share a very special bond: both Joseph and Carson are missing their left forearms.

Daily Picdump (48 pics)

Each day the picture editor of the İnsteresting Kingdom brings you a selection of photo highlights. Have fun...

Daily Picdump (33 pics)

Each day the picture editor of the İnsteresting Kingdom brings you a selection of photo highlights. Have fun...

Everything Is Awesome (15pics)

Meet Odeith, The Master Of 3D Illusions

The artist piqued the curiosity of his followers with this question: “What do you think is going to be painted this time?”

Daily Picdump

Each day the picture editor of the İnsteresting Kingdom brings you a selection of photo highlights. Have fun...

You Will Never Find These Hiding Kids!

Something Incredibly Weird Is Happening Here

Fine Examples When A Picture Says More Than Just A Thousand Words

The Cutest Puppy Contest Winners!

Are You Ready For Perfection? (47 pics)

Daily Picdump (27 pics)

Each day the picture editor of the İnsteresting Kingdom brings you a selection of photo highlights. Have fun...

A Japanese Company Have Come Up With Cat-Shaped Sandals That Are Beyond Adorable

At least we can all agree that when it comes to quirky inventions, Japan is undoubtedly the front runner. companies never fail to amaze the world with their awesome and crazy products. While Japan is known for its first-rate cars, computers, robots, and electronic appliances, the country is also renowned for its odd merchandises such as weird beauty products, bizarre gadgets, and many more.

Cozy Off-Grid Home Can Be Built In 6 Hours And Costs Just $33K

All around the world, the cost of housing is increasing. To cope, some families have decided to downsize. Other have gone a step further by investing in tiny homes, or taking their abodes on the road. And, there are some who have invested in sustainable, off-grid homes so they can live in peace while thriving in nature. If one — or all — of these options sound good to you, you may want to check out the house Italian Renator Vidal has designed.

Japanese Company Creates Sea Creature Teabags That “Come Alive” Inside Your Cup

Available online, these will turn your tea sessions into lessons on marine biology. Japanese tea bag maker Ocean-Teabag has been making waves by creating little parcels of aroma in the shape of marine animals.

Baby Weasel Takes A Magical Ride On Woodpecker’s Back

The photos captured by Martin Le-May, a casual photographer from East London, show a baby weasel enjoying what looks like magical ride on a woodpecker’s back. The truth behind the sweet footage is a bit more sinister.

Lacoste Replaces It’s Crocodile Logo With 10 Endangered Species To Raise Awareness

French brand Lacoste has teamed up with IUCN’s SOS (Save Our Species) — a nature conservation charity — for a limited-edition collection of polo tshirts. The tees have logos of endangered animal species instead of the green crocodile, and were launched on the runway during the brand’s show at last year’s Paris Fashion Week.

Amazon is Now Selling a Garden Dome so You Can Glamp in Your Backyard

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand camping, then you’ve likely heard of the more glamorous alternative: “glamping”. Now, Amazon are letting us glamp in our own backyard as they are selling this geodesic garden dome, which will make the most gorgeous addition to our backyards.

Rose Succulents Are A Thing And They Look Straight Out Of A Fairytale

Called Greenovia Dodrentalis, these succulents have curved layered petals that make the plants look just like roses. Mostly they’re found in the Canary Islands but we would say they belong somewhere in a fairy tale because of how unique and magical they look!

33 Photos Of Weird & Rare Flowers That Look Like Someting From A Fairytale

I was really intrigued when I saw a monkey orchid in Singapore orchid gardens. Believe me, it was looking exactly like a monkey. I got really inspired after seeing that weird flower and thought of doing a research on various weird looking flowers. I got a huge collection of rare and mysterious pictures of orchids and other flowers.

Daily Picdump (30 pics)

Each day the picture editor of the İnsteresting Kingdom brings you a selection of photo highlights. Have fun...

How Real Men Should Look (According To Fashion Designers)

While looking at these masterpieces created by various fashion designers, only one question comes to mind: “What the hell were they smoking?!”

If Animals Had Eyes At The Front (Just Like Humans)

Have you ever wondered how animals would look like if they had eyes at the front – just like humans? Well, wonder no more…

Brilliant Cross Stitches That Are Actually Funny

When you hear about cross stitches, you usually think of Bible quotes hanging off the walls at your grandma’s house. There’s nothing wrong with that, but for those of you who want a little more from your embroidery, check out these hilariously brilliant examples.

Artist Travels To Scenic Locations Just To Paint The Pattern of His Own Shirt

Creative duo consisting of artist Hank Schmidt in der Beek and photographer Fabian Schubert offer a hilarious take on classic outdoor painting, a humorous series of photographs that show artist going to various scenic locations only to paint his own shirt. They started this funny project in 2009 and it’s still ongoing.

The Winners of The Funniest Photoshop Battles Ever

From time to time, a photo so ambiguous emerges, it’s just begging to be featured on the subreddit r/PhotoshopBattles. Featured below are the winners from the past few years. Scroll down and enjoy!

Misbehaving Goats Forced To Wear Tennis Balls & Pool Noodles & For Everyone’s Safety

Did you know that naughty goats get tennis balls and pool noodles on their horns so they don’t hurt the others? Is this the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen or what?

This Company Makes Slippers That Look Exactly Like People’s Pets

…and they are so realistic that pets get jealous. The company behind these weird custom realistic slippers, Cuddle Clones, charges a princely sum of $199 and makes pet owners wait for 8 weeks to get the product, still some pet owners think it’s worth it and the results speak for themselves. Scroll down below to check out the pets and their clone slippers and don’t forget to tell us what you think in comments!

Weird Trend: Dinosaur Cat Haircuts

There’s a new trend among cat owners: dino style grooming. It’s even gaining some recognition among viral Instagram trends under #DinoCut hashtag. What’s your take on this? Leave your opinion in comments.

Daily Picdump (10pics)

Each day the picture editor of the İnsteresting Kingdom brings you a selection of photo highlights. Have fun... Daily Picdump (67 pics)

Street Artist Adds Fake Shadows To Confuse People

Featured below are works of American street artist Damon Belanger who was commissioned to install 20 fake shadows in the downtown area of Redwood City in order to bring more creativity to the area.

Check Out Instagram’s Natural Beauty Movement: Bearded Women

It seems that more and more women on Instagram are embracing their natural beauty by joining the #beardedwoman movement…

NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit In a Bag, Dog Owners Did Not Disappoint

The rules are very clear when it comes to carrying animals on the NYC subway: “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.” But the rules don’t say anything about the size of the animal, and as you can see from these pictures, some people got really creative in order to avoid paying a fine.

Daily Picdump (67 pics)

Each day the picture editor of the İnsteresting Kingdom brings you a selection of photo highlights. Have fun...

7 Unexplained Important Information Confirming the Existence of Aliens

We've heard that aliens are in the world, and we've seen it in some videos, but we haven't believed it. However when you read this text, you will believe that there are aliens. Click Next to learn this information.

15 Funny Photos to Make Your Day

We have compiled photos that will make your day more cheerful and beautiful. Click Next ...

She Was Once Known to be The Ugliest Bride Of The World, But Now She Surprises Everyone

You should see how The Russian woman, known to be the ugliest bride of the World in the social media, responded to the ones who called her so! Follow the next button to see this amazing change in our gallery.

20 interesting wedding photos around the world

Some bride and grooms are getting really crazy. Would you like to have such photos with your spouse?

4 Sisters Having Been Photographed Every Year Since 1975

American photographer Nicholas Nixon has been visiting his wife's family since the summer of 1975 and started taking photographs of his wife and three siblings. Thanks to the photographer who has continued this project for more than 40 years, you will be surprised to see the change of the 4 young sisters in the project exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art. Click on images to continue…

This is What Hotels Do With Used Soaps When You Leave

You use the soaps in the bathroom when you go to the hotel, but do you know what happens to these used soaps, shower gels and shampoos when you leave the hotel?